Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair

I was able to get a taste of fall/winter this past week on my trip to New York City and Maryland. It is such a different experience to be riding on subways and walking all across town visiting artists and studios. In Silver Springs, MD, things were much quieter and I was able to focus on the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair. I had a great time meeting new people and surprising others who hadn’t seen us since they were living in the west coast.

The exhibition and marketplace took place in the newly opened Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza.

The marketplace room, with our table. We were able to bring a piece of almost all our papers in those folders below!

Instructions below were to enter and peruse the books inside.

Some ideas from visitors at our tables: Use the V&F Papyrus such as the Daikon for writing unique letters to friends, Kamifusen Balloons as corporate gifts, and Paperwood cut down to look like a miniature book.

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