Cathy Weiss: Woodcuts on Tengucho and Mulberry

Artist Cathy Weiss has shared with us her inspiring woodcut works on very thin Tengucho paper and Mulberry paper. We were certainly awed that they were done on such thin Tengucho and hope to see them in person soon!

Click below on “Keep Reading” to see more images and for Cathy’s contact information.



“Knot Within”

“Transcendence” – silk fabric on top layer, the leaves are printed on Tengucho and applied to the back layer of mulberry.

“Coming in Going out”

“Without Fear”

Cathy Weiss :

8 thoughts on “Cathy Weiss: Woodcuts on Tengucho and Mulberry”

  1. Cathy! Absolutely amazing!!! I am so sorry I can’t make it to the showing tonight but know I am thinking about you today! I hope someone takes some great shots tonight so I can see more of it! Truly amazing. So in awe! xo

  2. Cathy, I thought I had clicked this link before, but I don’t remember seeing this page. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the layering you are doing and really like the light up pieces. Kudos to Bob on the frame work!

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