Kochi International Hanga Triennale

by Tsuyoshi Ageta
Translation by Yuki

Since the first exhibition was held in 1990, the Kochi International Hanga Triennale has been in session every 3 years and if everything goes smoothly, the 8th exhibit will be in March 2011. However, there have been doubts because of the lack of funds. Many inquiries were made about the exhibition, and although the date will be later than scheduled, the 8th exhibition will officially be held in October 2011.

This international exhibition solicits hanga work from professionals, which has gained recognition throughout the years. Now, it is known as one of the most distinguished international exhibitions in the world.

The first prize winner receives 1 million yen, the second prize winner receives 500,000 yen. For winners of work made especially from Tosa washi, the Tosa Washi Prize is given, as well as other awards.

In an island nation such as Japan, and in an even smaller island as Kochi prefecture, how is it that an international exhibition can take place? The answer is because Kochi prefecture has long been the center of washi production, and this event strives for the internationalization of Tosa washi.

Many are encouraged to display their work in this exhibition. On top of that, the number of past participants in this event is as follows:

Year                         1st        2nd      3rd      4th      5th      6th      7th

Japanese                   492       451        390        392      473       614       533

International           664     1001        954      1035     900       901       849

Total # of                1156     1452      1344      1427     1373      1515      1382

**For an Exhibition Entry Form in English and information on our Tosa Washi papers, please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Kochi International Hanga Triennale”

  1. Dear Madame/Sir,

    I would be grateful if you send me Kochi Triennale Entry Form in English and information on Tosa Washi papers for digital print.

    Best regards,
    Aleksandra Janik

  2. Hi, may I have the entry form and all the triennial information too? I found it in internet but I dont know why my computer cant read it (even the english version).

    thanks a lot

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