Sightings in Japan

Our wonderful Japan correspondent, Yuki, who is currently a university student in Tokyo has agreed to let us in on her journey to discovering washi in Japan.

Ozu Washi, located in Nihonbashi, is a washi gallery continuing from the 17th century, which has one of the largest washi showrooms and a wide variety of traditional washi or antique papers.

The first two pictures of the dress, I took at Ozu Washi,
where they had an exhibit of all these gowns made out of washi.

In Shinjuku, THE place to shop in Tokyo, many stores have materials for scrapbook making on main display. Stickers and stamps are a must, but recently, I have been seeing small rolls of masking tapes in many different colors and designs. When looked at closely, you can see that the tapes are made from washi. These washi masking tapes are somewhat translucent, giving off the beautiful antique look of washi.

A part of the washi dress above features ring paper
Washi masking tapes soon to be available at HPI