DWG Dan Goldman

Los Angeles artist Dan Goldman has shared with us some of his work into the world of sumi-e painting with sumi ink, brushes and different papers (including washi).

They’re sumi ink on paper, 4 panels, each 13.25″ x 18″ (vertical running down from first image to last).

Below is a more traditional ensou by Dan. In zen calligraphy, an ensou is a circle drawn in one or few strokes. It is a symbolic expression for enlightenment, truth, the Buddha nature, and the entire cosmo universe, with the interpretation left for the person viewing or creating it.

We look forward to seeing more of Dan’s sumi-e series, for his previous work, check out his site here.

For HPI papers best suitable for sumi-e: Seichosen, Seikosen, Kumohada-mashi, KH-61 Kozo White, SH-4 Harukaze


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