Isamu Noguchi

Available for purchase through Hiromi Paper now (with mid-January shipment arrival) here


A photo catalog essay by photographer, Kishin Shinoyama.  The first and only catalog for the Mure museum in commemoration of its 10th anniversary.

Isamu’s words and thoughts describe his fundamental approach to art and creation.  The photo editing creates a wonderful experience as if you are walking through Isamu’s garden museum.

Includes several two-page spreads and three Shinoyama’s unique ‘SHINORAMA’ panorama collages which fold out.  Shot in 1988 during Isamu’s visit and additional photos taken 20 years later, in spring 2008.

Soft cover with special Japanese paper inlay front and back.

Limited First edition.

Photos by Kishin Shinoyama
Design Concept by Issey Miyake
Graphic Design by Taku Sato

Publishing- Bijutsu Shuppan sha


Full color, large format, soft cover.  Coffee table format

33.5 cm c 30 cm, 166 pages, 1.4 kg

105 color photos, plus three special Shinorama spreads which fold out

34 pages of text in English and Japanese
includes map, time chronology, list of works

Main text is Isamu’s words and thoughts.

HPI First Edition price: $65.00


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