Guild of Bookworkers Standards of Excellence Seminar 2009

Hiromi Paper attended the Guild of Bookworkers Standard of Excellence Seminar last month for the first time in several years (and somehow it is already the end of November as I write this recap!). It was located in Hotel Kabuki in Japantown, San Francisco, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to drive up the 6 or so hours. I went with Joanna(her very first conference) and had a great time there. We were surrounded with Japanese restaurants and goodies, not to mention a few bus stops down from Union Square/Crown Point Press/SFMOMA. It was certainly nice to take a break from driving in the city. The seminar itself took place in the span of 3 days. We were able to setup the morning of and come down from our room every morning after. Participants certainly took advantage of our 20% off & free shipping. Our new complete Text Libris swatchbooks came just in time as well.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Setup day: How to fit everything on two tables!
Visiting Crown Point Press (who are having their Winter Sale this Dec 4-5!

Red Cedar paperwood with calligraphy artwork done by Atelier Gargoyle

Our favorite piece of jewelry worn by a participant

Also, I have just received word that over 1,500 origami cranes were folded for the banquet!


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