Report: LA Printer’s Fair

The first ever Los Angeles Printer’s Fair came and went this past Saturday. Sachi and I were up at 6am, and on our way with our four packed boxes from the store to Carson, CA. News of the fair itself came to us so unexpectedly by Rachelle’s visit that, besides the brief visit to the museum, we had no idea what we were in for. We were greeted that warm morning by Rachelle, museum workers and volunteers. Immediately, we got to our table and began to unpack, having only one hour to setup before the fair started at 8am. But who would come so early anyways? I had thought, but just as we had finished up at 8 and started to look at other booths and chat with the vendors, people were showing up! It turned out to be a hot, hot day, though luckily we were inside the building, right next to the letterpress and demonstration area. From beginning to end, the staff members were very accommodating, Sachi and I definitely agreed that this one of the more pleasant experiences we’ve had at conferences so far. They helped us with our booth, gave bottles of water, and were full of smiles all day! Participants, too, looked like they were enjoying themselves, from the booths to the letterpress demonstrations and tours given all day. It also helped that it was a local event, giving a community feel to the fair.

The most popular HPI item of the day was definitely the paperwood. I had brought our paperwood roll samples to test out on interested visitors, and they were also quite popular. Some new items that we brought were the 3 new inkjet and printmaking portfolios Hiromi put together, and the Metal & Kyokushi inkjet papers(more on this next time!)  And now, some images I was able to take:

Hiromi Paper Booth
Hiromi Paper's booth
Plenty of visitors
Plenty of visitors
Demonstrations being held
Demonstrations being held

One thought on “Report: LA Printer’s Fair”

  1. I am so glad you were able to join us for the Fair! I have been a loyal customer of Hiromi for years and everytime I’d fly into SoCal from the East Coast I’d make a stop as a priority. So it was super to have you and please be back at next year’s fair.

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