Origami Event

Colorful Paper Paper CraneAlways wanted to learn how to make paper cranes? Here’s your chance to partake in an origami workshop we are throwing in our store on Sunday, July 19th! Paper will be provided by us, so stop by any time between 1pm to 3pm. Cranes will be donated to Guild of Book Workers for their thousand paper cranes project for the Standards of Excellence Seminar in San Francisco this upcoming October. Please RSVP a seat via email, comment, or store phone (310-998-0098)!

*Also, due to this event, the HPI store will be open that Sunday July 19 from 12pm- 3pm!


2 thoughts on “Origami Event”

  1. don’t you think the two HPI writers names should be the same size ? Also, the use of exclamation points nearly everywhere seems heavy handed.

  2. Hi, this template doesn’t have a “written by” sections so I used the tag clouds as suggested by wordpress, but which means whichever is clicked on more will be bigger. About the exclamations, I did at one point realize the over usage, habits do die hard, so thanks for the reminder.

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