The Last of the Sale DHM 150g 79″x79″

dhmWe’re back from the little holiday and to a great start at that! We just sold the remainder of our DHM-11 79″x79″ 300g paper that has been on sale for 25% off. The customer not only took the huge sheets, but also the tube it came in, which luckily fit perfectly in her car.

aspenIn other customer news, we received this beautiful print on our Aspen paper by a customer who successfully printed on our Bhutan as well. You can see the work displayed in our store! We frequently get asked what exactly is done with all our papers, so here is just one example in the infinite possibilities out there!

Lastly, I have added our new Kamifusen balloons online!

*update: our 300g DHM 11 may be sold out, but we now have available also in limited stock, the 500g DHM 11 83″x68″!


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