New Awagami+1

 Yuzen Memo Organizers
Awagami+1 Yuzen Memo Organizers

Good thing the shipment came today, the coolest day of the work week so far! It was a small shipment from Japan, but very much needed for stock items we ran out of, such as the MM-1 Kozo-shi Roll, Shiramine Roll, SH-5 Tanbo, Kyoseishi K-200, and our Yuzen notebooks.
Also, we got in new Awagami+1 Yuzen Memo Organizers.They come in the Yuzen Spring and Yuzen Autumn covers, in orange or green. They measure 5.25″x8.25″ and come with two writing pads, a yuzen pencil, and a 6 pocket accordian-style folder (perfect for reciepts, tickets, coupons, and such!)

In other HPI news, we are now preparing for the AIC conference coming up in Los Angeles, the HPI Art Kite Workshop on May 3rd, and other possible events for the summer!


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