Visit to Papermakers in Korea

During her short stay in Korea last week, Hiromi was able to visit and tour a Hanji papermaker and see the process in person. It was a warm and sunny day when the small group (including Joe, and Korean-American paper making student Aimee who helped as a translator) set off beyond Seoul and into the countryside. There, she met with a papermaker and his family, who demonstrated for them the Hanji style. Though there are similarities to  the washi process, Hiromi recognized the unique methods and resourcefulness of Hanji.

For example, replanting kozo stems without roots as shown below, resulted in flowering leaves!

Korean Kozo
Korean Kozo

Here, is the place where the kozo is cooked, with the pot on the left carrying woodash.

Cooking Ash
Cooking Ash

The cooked results are then tirelessly picked clean by hands.


And then, in the special WeBal manner, the paper is formed vertically with a rope holding the other end.


The sheets are dried on boards as shown below.


We are still learning more about the Hanji here as well, so if you have any questions regarding the paper, please feel free to ask and we will try to find out for you!


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