Is “Rice Paper” Most Searched?

While logging into our storefront, I noticed the ever popular search term of the day “rice paper” and it lead me to look through our search engine history. Totaling the search terms on our store from all time, the winner for most popular searched phrase is….


In second place is Kozo, which had around half of the searches, though perhaps more if you combine it with the term “mulberry”.

Yet, “Rice Paper” was still up there, especially if you add the different ways people put rice paper into their search like “biodegradable rice paper” or “handmade rice paper”. This in turn lead me to wonder whether we should publish more articles about washi names and why asking us for “rice paper” isn’t so specific. For now, wiki’s article will have to do the job!


2 thoughts on “Is “Rice Paper” Most Searched?”

  1. Hi, that’s true! Alot artists that we talk to know already about the Kozo, Gampi, and Mitsumata papers. And I certainly can’t blame the ones who call us for “rice paper” or “tissue paper” as I myself had no idea of the difference before I started working here!

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