Southern Graphics Council 2009

Every year as vendor, Hiromi Paper staff members attend the annual Southern Graphics Council conference. The Southern Graphics Council is a nonprofit organization for the advancement of artists who make original prints, drawings, books, and hand-made paper. This year, SGC took place in Chicago from March 25-29 and included exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, panel discussions, private collection viewings, and special events at over 40 locations around Chicago. Representing HPI, Hiromi and Felicia set off from sunny LA to the windy city early morning on Wednesday, the 26th. I have made sure to get details from Hiromi as soon as they returned!

♦   ♦   ♦

Hiromi herself has not attended SGC for several years. So, she was shocked to see how huge it had gotten, with the big increase in attendees and vendors. Even the setup felt different, this time being in the Hilton Hotel ballroom. This year, we focused on our inkjet coated paper and Gampi collection, and introduced samples of our upcoming soft white Masa-type paper. Our specially coated inkjet paper line has grown quite a bit to include 11 different types to choose from for the different printing needs. As opposed to the typical printing paper, we wanted to introduce to printmakers, thinner paper with more textures, which is the character of Japanese paper. The Masa paper is a long time used inexpensive muti-media art paper that is usually fluorescent white in color. Hiromi has heard time and time again comments on the sometimes off-putting shade of white. So, when the opportunity came to collaborate with Japanese papermakers on new paper, she had created for us a soft white paper that we could sell at a reasonable price to match the Masa. For more information and feedback on this paper, please contact us!

At our booth, Hiromi remarked on the number of new, younger customers that they were able to chat with and introduce to them the wide range of paper for printmaking and fine art that is available. She was able to meet with familiar customers and friends and even venture out into the cold for dinner with good acquaintances.  In the end, despite the freezing temperatures, snowfall, and airplane delays they faced, Hiromi was glad to have been able to attend herself and hopes to attend again, as HPI does annually! Next year, SGC will take place in Philadelphia; with such a big country, we are amazed at how we are continually at new and different destinations!


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