We’re Back!

Pollock Not only are we back from the weekend, but Hiromi and Felicia also returned from SGC in Chicago March 26-28! Pollock is also happy to be back to his routine here. And now for some HPI updates:

The spring issue of World of Washi is now up on our homepage here. We are starting to receive some responses regarding updating us with your email addresses, so thank you for working with us on the future of the newsletter!

Now In Stock
We just received shipment of Hanji from Korea so our stock is now updated for JJ-001, JJ-006, and JJ-007!

Regarding JJ-006 Korean Kozo Amber, we were sent samples to show the color change that occurs when exposed to the sun, basically the overall color will darken to a yellow-brown as shown here with the two different shades:


Save Bergamot Station!
As some of you have been emailed, we at HPI were recently notified of the possibility of Bergamot Station being converted into a maintenance facility for the planned Exposition Rail Line. While we are in support of the light rail that will come to Santa Monica from Culver City, we are certainly in opposition of razing Bergamot Station for the maintenance facility. Bergamot Station is home to the Santa Monica Musuem of Art and 35+ galleries and businesses including Hiromi Paper, Inc. To help us prevent this, please sign the petition below:


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