World of Washi

As announced on the hiromipaper frontpage:

The upcoming World of Washi Spring Newsletter will be our last printed edition. Newsletters after that will be available on only, and we will notify updates through email. Therefore, please contact us with your e-mail addresses if we do not already have them.

You can send us your name and e-mail address to washi @ hiromipaper .com
call us at 1-866 HP WASHI(1-866-479-2744) or 310-998-0098,
or use the sign up sheet in our store. Thank you!

We have just finished proofing the spring issue coming up and that should be mailed out by the end of the month. As stated, it will be the last printed newsletter indefinitely.  Past articles be found on the website, but we are also planning to post the articles and updates from future World of Washi issues here, on our blog! Starting next week, I will post parts of the spring issue daily, even before it is mailed out.

Otherwise, I am off to Boston for some personal time until Tuesday, see you next week!

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